Friday, January 14, 2011

High Five to Reince

He's the new chair of the RNC.

Larger headaches, longer commute. Whadda deal!!


Robert Stacy McCain said...

Congratulations on the Cheesehead victory. BTW, you left a comment on my blog and in my reply I said something snarky which -- after I looked at it -- I realized might be taken to be directed at you. Of course it wasn't, it was directed at some left-wing douchebags, but today when I went to look for your e-mail to make sure you didn't misunderstand, I couldn't find the address. Now, given the evident advent of the Wisconsinian Era, I wanted to make sure I wasn't on your bad side.

Dad29 said...

Snarkiness is life!

John Foust said...

You've heard the new one?

Drop the vowels, and you have "RNC PR BS."