Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Happy Death

Catholics pray for a "happy death." That has nothing to do with how one dies, or when; it has everything to do with the state of one's soul at the moment of one's death.

...Giffords was among 13 people wounded in the melee that killed six people — including 9-year-old Christina Greene, 30-year-old Gifford aide Gabe Zimmerman, and U.S. District Judge John Roll. The 63-year-old judge had just stopped by to see his friend Giffords after attending Mass.

It remains 'a holy and wholesome thing to pray for the dead'; but this bit of information should be some comfort to the judge's widow and children.


GOR said...

Good catch Dad, and a sober reminder to all of us that we "know not the day nor the hour..."

In Ireland upon hearing of the death of someone - whether sudden or not - the common response in the past was : "Lord have mercy on him/her".

I suspect that may no longer obtain with many in Ireland or elsewhere these days, but it was a good thought and practice and I still adhere to it.

Lord have mercy on those who died.

Anonymous said...

Buy more ammo! DaddyZero's basic tenet!

neomom said...

So anony - how many shootings or deaths could have been prevented if someone in the crowd had been carrying and took out the kid? It took a bit to shoot 19 people.

Sometimes having some ammo is a very good thing indeed.

Amy said...

Buy more ammo! DaddyZero's basic tenet!

Yes, against tyrants and dictators. Both of which Rep. Giffords was decidedly *not*...

Also, from his ranting and ravings, this shooter wasn't a Tea Party member or someone with the ability to grasp pretty much anything. He was a loon.

I'd point out he has leftist leanings, but would you then blame yourself for his insanity, anony?

Anonymous said...

The problem, Amy, is that what may appear to you to be a tyrant may not be a tyrant to the average person. That's why in America we use the ballot box and not the bullet.

As you sow, so shall you reap. If I were the half-term former Governor, I would reflect on this tragedy and temper my rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Anony: How was that ballot box in 1776?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The current government is so "oppressive" that we should take up arms against it?

Some of you folks are apparently as irrational is Loughner.

Dad29 said...

If I were the half-term former Governor,

You mean Clinton?

Amy said...

Are you serious? The current government is so "oppressive" that we should take up arms against it?

No. You do that before the oppression sets in. The 2nd Amendment's clause about a "free state" applied not only to foreign invaders, but local governments and anyone else who posed a threat to life and liberty.

History books show, time and again, that an unarmed populace is the one oppressed by the government.

Anonymous said...

As his his wont, DaddyZero goes off half-cocked but is disarmed.

Bill Clinton served 10 years as Governor of Arkansas before being elected President. He was elected to three four-year terms (1982, 1986, and 1990) before being elected President in the middle of his third term.

Caribou Barbie, of course, served just over two years as Governor of Alaska before resigning to become whatever it is that she does today -- Fox News guest host, "author," and overall Village Idiot.

A shot and a miss. Time to "reload," Daddy,Zero?

Dad29 said...

So Clinton QUIT halfway through his term as Governor.

And HRC quit her Senate seat a little early to become SecState.

And Obozo quit HIS Senate term early to become President.

Time for your nap.

Anonymous said...

So you put Tommy G. Thompson in the same category, DaddyZero?

After all, he quit in the middle of his 4th four-year term.

Brilliant logic on your part, as usual. These folks left office because they were hired for new jobs. The bimbo left because she couldn't do her job.

Time for your medications.

neomom said...

Such vitriol from our brave "Anonymous" troll.

Governor Palin was doing her job quite well until the lefty hate machine cranked into high gear and started issuing bogus ethics complaints against her.

As the Alaskan Governor must, by statute, use personal funds to defend herself these charges were bankrupting their family. Pulling all of the required documents for court was also grinding her staff to a halt. In fact, there was no business being done on behalf of the State of Alaska in her final months.

So she resigned. For the good of the State, for the good of her family. Not to announce for a higher office like Senator-"Present" Obama did. I find that rather honorable really.

And in fact, all of said ethics complaints were found to be bogus.

Have a nice day - and please try some self-examination to get to the source of your obvious unhappiness. That must be a miserable existance to be that unhappy.

John Foust said...

I'm still waiting for Dad29's deep analysis of Palin's trigger control and choice of weapon.