Friday, January 14, 2011

Death of Wicks

Noted by a St Louis blogger:

Wicks Organ Co., which has built pipe organs in Highland for more than 100 years, will shut down its manufacturing operation over the next few months, its president, Mark Wick, said Thursday.

Wick blamed a bad economy and changing tastes in church music. The company has built more than 6,400 organs and Wick estimates that as many as 5,000 are in use worldwide.

Wick said the company's work force would go from 33 to about 10 but the company would continue to provide organ parts, maintenance, warranty service and repairs. He said he would not rule out a return to manufacturing if demand increases in the future...

Wicks has always been somewhat controversial. Many organists simply do not like the instruments. If you want to hear a large installation, go to the Green Bay Cathedral.

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Anonymous said...

Wicks never knew exactly what it wanted to be; you'll still see their booth at the annual Oshkosh FlyIn — parts for ultralight aircraft. Their instruments at their best were 'utility' instruments—fairly well-built and adequately voiced. Beyond that, there wasn't much.