Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Cost of Obozoville

Regulatory cost---who cares?

Issa cites the Obama administration’s own estimate that new regulations issued in 2010 are costing Americans an additional $28 billion and destroying thousands of jobs.

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon top-line unemployment will be 30%; U-6 will be 50%.

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neomom said...

This isn't even tax revenue, just the increased cost of doing biz to keep some paper-pushers satisfied.

Jim said...

Curious. Where does the $28 billion go?

Dad29 said...

Lawyers and compliance people.

Anonymous said...

A common Car Thief is running the oversight committee? This RINO is the same Issa who bankrolled the Cali recall move that brought Ahnold to power. He shouldn't be trusted with "leading" anything.

Jim said...

"Lawyers and compliance people."

Aren't these the same lawyers who need lower taxes so they can create jobs? And won't this be creating new jobs while protecting consumers and the environment?

Dad29 said...


They are "burden," raising the cost of doing business--thus raising the cost of products, AND consequently making the products less competitive or raising the cost to the products' purchasers.

IOW, raising the cost without necessarily producing a benefit.

It is merely an unproven assertion that they "protect" either consumers or the environment. In some cases yes, in many cases no.