Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Automatic Adjective

Maybe it's a programming thing in the JS' text software.

Or an involuntary twitch.

He may be a newcomer to politics, but there are no mixed signals with the wealthy Oshkosh businessman

No, not Herb Kohl, one of THE wealthiest U S Senators.

Not the late, unlamented Ted.

Not the Rockefeller.


Anonymous said...

OMG, the MSM including such a vile descriptive word. What will the children think?

As if you don't provide your own automatic adjectives to your posts.

Big deal!

Tim Morrissey said...
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Tim Morrissey said...

Sorry, Anonymous. Dad29 makes a valid point. If you're going to use the descriptor "weathy" when referring to Senator Johnson (and you shouldn't), then you should also use it when referring to Senator Kohl, who is also wealthy.

Descriptors are used to identify differences or avoid confusion, ONLY when germane to the news copy.

Otherwise, it's opinion or commentary, and should be clearly identified as such.

Anonymous said...

The wealthy Plastic Ron and his new corporate DC lobbyist chief of staff are emblematic of the tea party patriots who voted for him.