Monday, January 03, 2011

Anne Wagner: Lightweight

Noted by the Examiner:

...Steele doesn't win the prize for the biggest gaffe of the debate. That goes to Ann Wagner, who though the question was "What is your favorite bar?" To which she responded, "My kitchen table."

After everyone in the room broke out laughing, she realized the question was about her favorite book and named George Bush's "Decision Points."

Not Kirk's "Conservative Mind"? Buckley's "God and Man at Yale"? Not "The Gulag Archipilaego"? Not "Witness"?

Egads, woman. Brown-nosing is so.........7th grade. But to ignore actual Conservative books to catch a brownie point?

The price of Wales has gone down, I guess.

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Shoebox said...

Her bigger gaffe was saying she agreed with Obama re: obesity. She obviously doesn't know what the govt's limits ought to be. Makes her a RINO in my book.