Monday, November 08, 2010

Plundering Taxpayers: WI Legislator Version

Oh, yah, there's plenty for Governor Walker to do.

...the bill increased legislator's pensions in two different ways. It made each year worth more, and it increased the maximum amount they could collect.

The overall cost of this plan, as estimated by WPRI was $14 billion.

That happened in 1999.

You'll be happy to know that Walker voted against it, as did:

Glenn Grothman. Mark Gundrum. Steve Nass. Joe Leibham. Neal Kedzie. Frank Lasee. In the Senate, Scott Fitzgerald. Bob Welch. Mike Ellis.

Altogether, only 20 "no" votes.

So. Who voted FOR this rape/plunder, and is posing as a "Conservative" now?

Read PP to find out.

And if you live in Waukesha County, be SURE to ask your County Executive how many pensions he will need to live

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