Monday, November 08, 2010

Coming: The (D) Party Shuts Down the Gummint

Jacobson has it right.

But will anybody miss the Gummint, aside from the MSM, the courtesans, the hangers-on, K-Street, and other useless detritus?


Anonymous said...

You've got it all backwards.

The Tea Partiers ran on a platform of "no more debt". If they vote yes for the debt ceiling, they are beholden to the mainstream GOP and have forsaken their principles.

If they vote no for the debt ceiling, they are putting the nation in harm's way financially.

A LOSE-LOSE proposition...for the GOP.

NOT Democrats.

Dad29 said...

The Democrat Regime will shut down the Gummint.

Obama will veto, or the (D) Senate will not even bother to take it up.

My question was: so what?

You're on a different chapter.

Dad29 said...

As to how this will work:

Pelousy will attach a debt-limit-lifter to a budget bill in lameduck.

It will pass, of course.