Saturday, August 08, 2009

Whither ObamaCare and Its Thugs?

Now that the SEIU stepped over the line in St. Louis, hospitalizing a protester (and other ObamaGoons elsewhere have been caught pushing & shoving the opposition,) the question is "How far will Obama take this"?

Grim thinks it may stop here. [See combox]

The leaders of this Chicago movement will be keeping a weather eye on the political atmosphere. If the intimidation backfires, they'll pull their thugs back. They are gambling that they can suppress the movement quickly, out of the public eye thanks to the media being willing to wink at the effort. When that doesn't work, they'll rake in their chips and try again later.

I suspect he's right. The Daley Machine learned from the 1968 Dem Convention that winning th battle CAN lead to losing the war. Rahm-a-Jamma and Axelrod, the personifications of "FIB", may already have recognized the facts.

There's another very important observation in the post:

The protesting groups today are composed of middle-class Americans, the most normal and ordinary sorts of people. The government has turned against these groups sharply, apparently under the belief that it can marginalize them according to the old formula.

That cannot work, however, because these people are quite mainstream...

The Rahm-a-Jamma Machine has done everything in its power to marginalize them, characterizing them as stooges of the Eeeeeeevil Insurers, Limbaugh-bots, "Nazis," (in supreme irony), and as maleficient Scrooges. The President, in a distinctly non-'healer' moment, told them to 'just shut up,' because they are the 'cause' of the problem.

The pictures and videos tell a very different story, however.

Grim's right. The Gummint should pick up its marbles on this issue and go home.

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the truth and silly facts don'tmatter to you though.