Saturday, August 08, 2009

Green Bay Guns: So?

The point of the stories, of course, is to affix some sort of blame on a guy who has a very successful internet guns & accessories business.

Three of his several hundred thousand customers prove to be nutjobs, so HE is the problem?

An online gun dealer based in Green Bay sold a Glock magazine and a magazine loader to the man who killed three women and himself in a Pittsburgh health club this week, marking the third time the business has been tied to notorious shootings.

The silliness is astounding:

...authorities have not released details indicating whether George Sodini used the magazine purchased from a TGSCOM Web site when he fired more than 30 rounds Tuesday

...for that matter, whether he was wearing Dockers or Nikes? The public has a right to know!!

That's only Part One, of course. The real objective is to halt sales of handguns, period--on the way to halting sales of ALL guns in the USA, because as we all know with Moral Certainty, if there are no guns there will be no violence. No murders.

Peace and tranquility will reign. Yah.

Grim has a pertinent observation:

The fact is that these mass killings are with us for the forseeable future. It's not a question of guns; in Iraq, they use bombs made with homemade explosives. Such weapons are not hard to make, out of chemicals readily available anywhere and too useful to ban. We are, in a sense, blessed by the guns: we read in America on rare occasion of the death of five of a dozen, rather than fifty or two hundred

Because the killings are always the product of the unstable and strange, it's impossible to predict where they will occur, or when, or why. Indeed, giving weight to the meaning is almost pointless. It's only accidental that these minds' hatred and rage settled on X instead of Y. No amount of education or reasoning would have persuaded them to hate Y instead of X, and certainly not to hate nothing at all....

...Evil exists. We must be ready to die at all times, in our souls and hearts as well as otherwise

That pretty much sums it up, because it is a realistic assessment, in contrast to the Liberal Project's promise of delivering 'no death, no sorrow, no tears.'

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Amy said...

This is like saying X auto dealer is responsible for drunk driving deaths because a few drunk drivers bought their vehicles there.