Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What--"Forever Stamps" for Oldsters in ObamaCare?


Stuff happens.

Obama, not smart enough to shut up, managed to insert a whole new dimension into the discussion: that ObamaCare will be another version of the US Post Office. Mutatis mutandis, of course.

You know, the Federal bureaucracy with a monopoly on first-class mail (and a monopoly on 4th-class, by default) which will LOSE $Billions this year?

Yah, that one!

But the idea is not without some benefits.

The USPO could sell a lot of its trucks to ObamaCare as ambulance-prototypes, right-hand drive and all (to remind us of England's fabulous health system).

And all those stamps could be exchanged for Blue Pills!!

Many of the offices could be converted to waiting rooms. You could even double up--one line for stamps, the other for Rx services!

And those conveyors--ohhhh, wow. Transfer-lines for patients moving from "Blue Pill Ward" to (dare we hope) "See a Doctor" line!! Terrific for non-ambulatory patients!

Of course, if a patient expired in the process, there are those Cancelling Machines.....

I think Axelrod should get busy. This deserves a bunch of good spin.

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