Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Edge-Pusher" or Nutcase?

You've all heard about the open-carrying character who showed up outside the Obama Disinformation-a-la-Palooza in New Hampshire.

So happens (IIRC) that New Hampshire has zero laws regarding concealed OR open carry, so it's possible that this guy straps it on every day, just like he puts on his shoes.


The "...tree of liberty" sign he's carrying kinda moves him from oddball to pusher-of-the-edge, to say the least.

And open carry near ~200 LEO's--local, county, State, and Federal--who are surrounding the President?

I vote for nutcase. He might be harmless, but he's a nutcase.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

I don't think nutcase - I think edge-pusher.

Billiam said...

I think a bit of both. There is a time for making your case. That time is not when the Presidential entourage is coming 'round. Especially not with that particular sign. With freedom comes responsibility.

David B said...

I citizen of a state acting in full compliance with the laws of that state should NOT have to curb his exercise of constitutionally protected actions for anyone.

I think Citizen, with a hint of Patriot.