Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hoot and Jeer! The Crowd Loves It


There's some tolerance for noisy disputes at town hall meetings. By 51%-41%, those surveyed say individuals making "angry attacks" on a health care bill reflected "democracy in action" rather than "abuse of democracy." However, by 59%-33% they say "shouting down supporters" of a health care bill was an abuse of democracy.

Ace adds that "hooting and jeering" until the Congresscritter actually answers the question is perfectly fine--actually, a lot better than sitting there like a numbnuts after you've been blown off by the typical crapweasel evasion-factory-Congressman.

Ace also has another excellent piece of advice:

Angry blowhards filled with hate and with shaky grasp of the facts shouldn't be on television.

They should start blogs, like I did.

I can resemble that.

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