Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baronial, But Not Smart: Jay Rockefeller, (D)

Senator Jay Rockefeller is twice a member of the Elite. Once due to 'lucky seed', another because of his position. You could say "Baronial" and hit the target.

Thus he's not acquainted with the actualities of real life. And it shows. asked Rockefeller the following: “One of the main concerns of the opposition is that over time choice will be limited because if the public option is the more affordable option it will put private insurance companies out of business over time. So, there will be no option over time. People could lose their insurance that they are happy with under their employer.”

Rockefeller responded: “No, because they don’t--No, that’s the whole point. If they are happy--158 million people have insurance through their employer. If they are happy with that coverage, they get to keep it. If the public option offers them the same coverage at a lower price, but their just for whatever, you know, generational reasons or just a sense of comfort, they want to stay with their employer’s plan, they do that. They do that,” Rockefeller said.

Actually, Senator, in real life one's employer makes the choice of health-insurance plans. We are not Members of Congress who can choose from a menu of coverage-providers and plan-designs like you can, Senator. We get the plan our employer chooses to provide.

So if the taxpayer-funded "public plan" offers coverage at significantly less cost than the private-plan competitors, the employee does NOT 'get to keep' the private plan, unless there's a Union contract in play. And in real life, Senator, Unions are simply not a factor because they represent only ~14% of non-Government workers.

Get your head out of the Family Trust and the Senate Office Building, Jay.

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