Monday, August 03, 2009

Big Payroll for ObamaCare Propagandists

Now we know exactly what Teach's 'summer job' really is.

Last July, the group Health Care for Americans Now announced the start of a $40 million campaign expressly for this purpose, and the groups were loaded with backers from big labor and groups such as MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, and ACORN. As I’ve reported elsewhere, the group received a $10 million grant from Atlantic Philanthropies, whose CEO, Gara LaMarche, was previously director of U.S. programs for the Open Society Institute, the philanthropic foundation founded and chaired by George Soros.

In June, I attended a news conference in which HCAN and other liberal groups announced they would spend $82 million in an effort to support President Obama's health care push and press for legislation that includes a new government-run plan modeled after Medicare. Howard Dean, former chair of the DNC, is involved in this supposedly grassroots effort.

Only question remaining is who is paying him. He is certainly sensitive about all that State Socialism written into HR3200.

Or, put otherwise, "None so blind as they who WILL not see."


Keith Schmitz said...

Yeah dad, the insurance/medical industry isn't looking for crap from the $1.2 million a day they are spending on Congress or their investment in the astro-turf Americans for Prosperity to send apish thugs to Congressional town hall meetings. They're fricken altruists.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Nice lingo... "apish thugs". That could easily be mistaken as a term used to describe your standard union reps visiting the hospital promoting card check.

Neo-Con's Sock Puppet said...

when did rush say that and how long have you been waiting to throw it into a conversation?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Wow, now you're invoking the tired "Rush is the mouthpiece" approach.

Your mantra is ironic.

Neo Con's Sock Puppet said...

Not sure you know what irony is, sonny boy. But if you want to deny that Rush is the mouthpiece, by all means continue. it is your right.

Joe in Wynnewood said...

Re: Who's paying Gov. Dean.

Um, well, since he was Gov. of VT for several terms, I assume he has a pension. And then there is his wife who is a practicing physician. I suspect that Gov. Dean may have socked some money away from his days as a stock broker - he worked on Wall Street before he went back to school for medicine - and/or his years as a physician before getting elected Governor.