Thursday, January 08, 2009

Squirrel-Hunter? There's a Job Over There!

You only have to migrate across the pond and learn English.

These days in farmers’ markets, butcher shops, village pubs and elegant restaurants, squirrel is selling as fast as gamekeepers and hunters can bring it in.

“Part of the interest is curiosity and novelty,” said Barry Shaw of Shaw Meats, who sells squirrel meat at the Wirral Farmers Market near Liverpool. “It’s a great conversation starter for dinner parties.”

...there is a war raging in Squirreltown: invading interlopers (gray squirrels introduced from North America over the past century or more) are crowding out a British icon, the indigenous red squirrel immortalized by Beatrix Potter and cherished by generations since. The grays take over the reds’ habitat, eat voraciously and harbor a virus named squirrel parapox (harmless to humans) that does not harm grays but can devastate reds

There will be a test to determine if you are color-blind.

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Phelony Jones said...

Was browsing Mom's vintage Betty Crocker cookbook/ she was looking for the recipe for Wiener Bean Pot. I was strangely distracted by a squirrel recipe...which I am willing to share if requested. 'specially in this economy. I mean, who needs hoity-toity squirrel?