Friday, January 09, 2009

A First for Milwaukee!!

Well, the Milwaukee Public Schools are first in the nation to establish a MIDDLE-SCHOOL for gays.

Milwaukee's Alliance School, one of the few officially "gay-friendly" high schools in the country, has been given clearance to extend their pro-homosexual curriculum to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

The proposal went through easily last month, with the city's board of education unanimously approving it by default, as it was not pulled for further discussion or a vote. Tina Owen, Lead Teacher of Alliance, said they would be accepting applications from middle-school-age children for the 2009-10 school year immediately.

Marty Lexmond, the director of school innovation for Milwaukee Public Schools, told U.S. News and World Report that such an institution was needed to help adolescents, who are now increasingly publicly identifying their sexual orientation as early as middle school.

What we really need: good old-fashioned segregation! Even Chicago wouldn't put up with that.

The original Alliance high school opened four years ago, also with little opposition. Other similar plans across the country, however, have not had it as easy as the Milwaukee school.

In Chicago, plans for a "gay-friendly" high school were recently delayed due to concerns from both sides of the debate, as some feared that the plans amounted to segregating homosexuals.

And when Manhattan's Harvey Milk High School opened in 2003, named for an openly homosexual politician of the 1970s, students met with protesters outside the school's doors

Another reason to simply close MPS altogether.


Adrienne said...

That is just disgusting! Why would any parent allow their child to participate in such nonsense?

"Orange Mike" Lowrey said...

Because the teachers and staff are good, friendly, intelligent people (even more so than most MPS teachers); and kids won't be harassed for being science fiction fans, emo, Goth, punk, or any of the other kinds of deviant that our society punishes? My child just started there, and is now flourishing, with a 4.0.