Sunday, November 02, 2008

'We'll Raise the Cost of Energy to Reduce Demand': Obama

That's one way to stop you from heating your home. The general idea: the Feds will create "price signals" to help you stop using energy.

For those of you who don't understand (Democrats), that means he will artificially increase the price of electricity and heating fuel. Then you'll stop using electricity and heating fuel!!

Get it?

Here's the video.

Commentary from No Quarter:

Nice idea Barack, you SOB. Crank up those heating prices. Make old and disabled people freeze their asses to death. We know they are a drag on society to you anyways, right? That will go really well with an idea that old people aren’t entitled to expensive health care procedures because they are…..well……old. Cost effectiveness! That’s the ticket.

Crank up those electric prices so they live in the dark while they shiver a lot, you SOB. Meanwhile, how come you drive an SUV?

Mr. “I Care”: Make poor people buy those $8.00 epilepsy and migraine triggering yellow-glowing light bulbs, and make them buy new fixtures where the bulbs won’t work– instead of eating.

Some people are more equal than others.

The blueprint exists: it's the plot hatched by Jim Doyle's Energy Commissariate.

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Al said...

Sadly, that cost effective line may have more truth in it that we want to admit. Recently Australia refused permanant residency to a Doctor because his Down Syndrome son would be too much of a burden on their universal health care system.

& this is where we are being told we need to go with health care?