Sunday, November 09, 2008

U S Interests? Or 'Global Popularity'?

Another series of Obama decisions may fly under the radar, but have serious consequences. Those are the decisions he will make regarding international treaties.

PowerLine recaps what was mentioned here a few weeks ago.

John Fonte of the Hudson Institute identifies four "transnational power grabs" that Obama is likely to push for They are: the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Rights of the Child Treaty, the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and the International Criminal Court. Agreement by the U.S. to these arrangements would make us more popular with foreigners, but only at a cost to our national security, our right of self-governance, and our rights under the Constitution. [The author does not include ICESCR--a 'health-care' treaty.]

Reminder: treaties adopted by the USA are supra-Constitutional. SCOTUS cannot invalidate their provisions, even if they flat-out contradict the Constitution.

CEDAW is an abortion-license, inter alia, and would, in effect, impose the failed ERA on the US. LOST, aptly named, would subject US seagoing military ops to the judgment of a bunch of other countries, as would the ICC.

Generally, these treaties embody concepts which could never achieve popular-vote majorities in the USA, which is why Obama could sign them.

Who needs votes when you have the UN at your back?


Billiam said...

You know, Conspiracy theorists thought McCain would win the election because he'd be able to usher in the North American Union. They figure with Obama's ascendency, they can skip that step and go for 1 World Governance. If he signs those 'Treaties', kiss National Sovereignty goodbye. America bought it, now we all will have to suffer. Of course, that's if the CT's are right...

Dad29 said...

One does not have to be a Conspiracy guy to be concerned about GloboGov.

All you have to be is an American.

Anonymous said...

Please update this posting on LAW OF THE SEA TREATY

There are a bunch of RINOS that need exposing.....
& Obozo supports LAW OF THE SEA TREATY

HT Fr. Z