Sunday, November 09, 2008

Campaign Manager or Idiot?

We all know that John McCain's grasp of economics is shaky uninformed abysmal.

Turns out his campaign manager's understanding matches up perfectly.

Here, the campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, tells us when he knew McCain was going to lose:

The moment that I will look back at as the moment deep in my gut that I knew, was September 29, when I was flying on a plane with Governor Palin to Sedona for debate prep, watching the split screen on the TVs, because she had a JetBlue charter, and it showed the stock market down seven, eight hundred points; it showed the Congress voting down the bailout package on the other side, and then, House Republicans went out and told the world that the reason that they voted against this legislation, allowed the stock market to crash, allowed the economy to be so injured, was because Nancy Pelosi had given a mean and partisan speech on the floor

Congressional Republicans "Allowed the stock market to crash?" "Allowed the economy to be so injured?"

Schmidt is a friggin' moron. You can almost hear the bathetic bleat--the Couric Caterwaul-- in that 'so injured' phrase. Post-hoc-propter-hoc is not reasoning; but perhaps un-reason passes as 'qualification' for Schmidt's post with McCain.


From: Ana Marie Cox
To: Steve Schmidt
Sent: Fri Nov 07 08:50:28 2008
Subject: Re: Calling you in 30

the passing of prop 8... any comment?

From: Steve Schmidt
To: Ana Marie Cox
Received: Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 7:03 AM
Subject: Re: Calling you in 30

I was disappointed with the result

Here's a guy who is, like his candidate, completely out of the loop with the majority of States (30) and voters therein (well over 60%, on average).

And taxpayers paid for this guy!

HT: The Other McCain

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