Wednesday, July 02, 2008


What Would Henry Jordan Do...

At the request of Summerfest officials, the U.S. Army on Tuesday removed a virtual urban warfare game that allowed fest-goers as young as 13 to hop into a Humvee simulator and fire machine guns at life-size people on a computer screen

...“We don’t have an issue with their physical presence,” Boler said of the Army’s full exhibit that includes a pull-up bar and recruiters gathering data and answering questions. “It’s the digital content.”

As some recall, Henry Jordan spent a number of years with the Green Bay Packers as a defensive lineman. Good one, too. Ex-NCAA championship wrestler, not large, but very quick.

His next career was as the Executive Director of Summerfest. Henry oversaw the thing for a few years in the early 1970's.

He was tough, but a gentle and lovable guy. He got the job done with air-cover provided, when necessary, by Summerfest's Chairman, John H. Kelly of the Midland National Bank. (Kelly, by the way, was a Democrat party member and an ex-Marine D.I.)

Would Jordan have wimped out to a bunch of "peace activists"?

Not in my opinion.

And if he had asked John Kelly's advice, I can almost hear the response, which would have consisted of two VERY short words delivered in that edgy baritone of Kelly's.

We've lost a lot of good men in Milwaukee, and replaced them with twits.

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