Friday, July 11, 2008

See, There's "Hate" and Then There's "Not Hate"

From the land of fruits and nuts:

Those who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons are participating in "hate," according to an official for McDonald's, the worldwide purveyor of Big Macs and Happy Meals.

"Hatred has no place in our culture," corporate spokesman Bill Whitman told the Washington Post in response to a campaign by the American Family Association for a boycott of the burger-and-fries outlets because of the corporation's advocacy for the homosexual lifestyle.

Got that? Boycotting MickeyD's is "hate."

Of course, there's "not Hate" boycotting.

Leaders of the gay and lesbian community, along with their union allies, plan to boycott the Manchester Grand Hyatt because its owner, Doug Manchester, has contributed $125,000 to an initiative to ban same-sex marriage.

...Karger said his group wants Manchester and other prominent donors to Proposition 8 to have to pay a business loss for their actions.

"We want to make it a little uncomfortable for people to donate," he said.

Certainly something that the CEO of Epic Systems would understand, right?


Amy said...

A culture that uses the word "hate" whenever someone disagrees with them will see the meaning of that word destroyed.

And they have no one to blame but themselves, even though you know they won't.

Guess I won't be eating at McDonald's anymore.

Other Side said...

Let me know when your soul-searching has begun, Amy.

Amy said...

I don't get what that means, OS.

I know exactly where my soul is and what I'm doing.

Jeni said...

They (McD's) sure aren't doing their reputation any good with this tripe. Rarely go there, but will make that never now.

Shock said...

My 3 year old told on his older brother (6 yr old) tonite at the dinner table.


"Kevin said McDonald's!"

capper said...

Both are hate.

Both are fine examples of the phobia exhibited by the right of things different than them.

MickeyD's calls people out on their prejudice, and they get boycotted by the fear-stricken haters..

Manchester supports bigotry and hate, and receives consequences, people calling them out on it.

What's so hard to understand? Or are you just trying to justify bigotry?

Dad29 said...

Actually, Capper, MickeyD's made the first move. The boycott followed, then followed the idiotic comment by MickeyD.

And, for the record, I don't have to "justify" economic boycotts, Capper.

Judy Faulkner did that for me!