Thursday, July 03, 2008

Look Upon Me, You Mighty, ....

Gotta love that. The NYTimes captured exactly what they wanted to capture. They wanted a fearsome mien.
And they don't realize that it's exactly what Rush wanted them to capture, too.
Well, the NYTimes is justifiably concerned. Limbaugh has done more to demolish their capitalization, sales, and earnings, than any other single force except the Internet.


Amy said...

Great, great photo. Even from a purely artistic standpoint - it's a great shot.

Here's hoping Rush, Sykes, Belling, Wagner and the rest aren't silenced by the (Un)Fairness Doctrine.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

You gotta love that we have at least eight more years of the guy.

Billiam said...

I think Rush is the main reason for the Dems lusting after the "fairness doctrine". It's the ONLY way they can shut him up. They can't compete, so use legislation. Gotta love that 'tolerance'.

capper said...

Hey, if you want to idolize a drug abusing, triple-divorcee, that has tomes written on his self-contradictions, go right ahead. It makes our jobs easier.

I'm sure that his behaviors is easy to justify with your strict religious beliefs.

Amy said...

I'm sure that his behaviors is easy to justify with your strict religious beliefs.

Real mature.

I actually don't listen to Rush. I can't get 1130 on my radio at work (it's 14 years old - what do you expect?). I don't agree with him on everything.

Rush is popular because people like him. In the free market, that translates to sponsors and money. I know that annoys liberals, but it's the truth.

If Rush mad your jobs "easier", Air America would be successful.

How's that working out?

capper said...

Rush is popular because people like him.

That is the best example of circular logic that I've ever seen.

For the rest, if Rush was so popular, why did his TV show bomb so terribly? And why do you right wingers always complain about the liberal TV news? Could that be the free market at work? Given that TV is a much larger and deals with much, much higher amounts of money, taht would mean that conservative radio actually goes against popular trends. And that's the truth. ;P

And if you did your homework, instead of sucking the conservative radio's pap, you would have know that conservative radio was attempted several times before the owners scraped enough money to survive despite low ratings.

Dad29 said...

As you note adroitly, Capper, TV is far different from radio as a medium.

As you take care NOT to note, FoxNews' ratings are rather substantial--it being the mid-road alternative to the MSM. By the way, if NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN are laying off people (and they are or have) where's all that "big money" you talk about?

Rush developed the right formula, although Larry the Legend made decent bucks locally with the "onions" format, Capper--but I'll take you up on it.

Tell us about all the conservative radio that failed. Names, dates, you know...