Monday, July 07, 2008

Lefty Bishops a Problem? Cut Them Out of the Loop

Gotta love this, reported by Damian Thompson.

Guess who knew nothing about the top-level discussions between Anglican bishops and the Vatican? The Catholic bishops of England and Wales and their head of ecumenical affairs!

I gasped when I read this paragraph in Ruth Gledhill's coverage of the story:"The move for a compromise came as a senior Roman Catholic priest cast doubt over claims of high-level consultations that are said to have taken place between Church of England bishops and Vatican officials in Rome. Monsignor Andrew Faley, ecumenical officer to the 22 Catholic bishops of England and Wales and the Catholic observer at the General Synod, said that no information had reached him or his bishops about such a meeting, although informal meetings took place regularly between bishops and lay members of both churches."

So we were right all along. Both the Vatican and the Anglican delegations have kept their talks secret from the Bishops' Conference (though not necessarily from Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor). And who can blame them?

I'm sure there will be a memo following the talks. It may be sent by ...oh...Pony Express.

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Al said...

Don't forget, these are the same Bishops who didn't show up when Dario Card. Castrillon Hoyos said the Traditional Latin Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

This is entirely my own thought & nothing but pure tongue in cheek speculation but do you think that maybe these Anglican Bishops will be replacing at least few English Bishops?