Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Irony Squared: the ACLU on Heller

The American Civil "Liberties" Union (aka Anti-Catholic Libertines Union) is unhappy with Heller.

Some liberties are just too much to bear. concluding that D.C.’s gun control law was unreasonable and thus invalid, the Court placed a constitutional limit on gun control legislation that had not existed prior to its decision in Heller. It is too early to know how much of a constitutional straitjacket the new rule will create

Actually, the whole POINT of the 2A was to restrain Gummint--if necessary, by armed resistance from the Citizens. (Reminder: a serf is different from a Citizen because the Citizen is armed.)

Straitjacketing Gummints is a good thing, folks.

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Steve Burri said...

No doubt about it, we need a bigger straitjacket.

BigT said...

Come on Dammit! Don't you all know the first ten amendments are know as the Bill of Collective Rights.