Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Instructing the Chilluns on Voting

Rich Leonardi exposes the USCC's "voter's guide" questions.

The bishops’ statement lists "Goals for the Campaign." Rephrase these goals as questions so that young people can relate to them. The following are examples: "I wonder how much money the person who sews the clothes we buy earns, or how much the farmer who grows the food we eat receives of the price we pay?" "Why are some people poor when so many people are rich?" "I wonder where we would go for health care if we didn’t have insurance?" If the questions lead to further discussion, you or your children may need to do a little research.

Rich also supplies us with a list of his own questions.

"What did Pope Benedict identify as the three 'not negotiable' values Catholics are to bring to the public square?" "Who has the responsibility for the rigorous evaluation of the conditions for a just war?" "What is subsidiarity?" "What is economic freedom?" "Who may be married?" "What is the Born Alive Protection Act?" "What is infanticide?"

Just a couple of questions, folks.

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