Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hope for What?

Here's a guy who yaps VapidSpeak.

Burkee says he wants to give Republican voters in the suburbs of Milwaukee a choice for who should represent them in Washington.

Burkee, who gained national attention last summer for launching a joint campaign against Sensenbrenner with a Democratic colleague, also says he wants to provide hope to voters who have become cynical about politics.

“It can be something better in the future,” said Burkee, the part of the political duo still standing after his partner Jeff Walz dropped out of the race

Pardon me, Herr Professor, but what does that mean, exactly--'provide hope...something better'? Are you taking rhetoric lessons from The-O-and-Savior?

Memo to the prof: political cynicism results from politicians (or history professors) who say things that are 1) meaningless; or 2) the opposite of what the politico actually does.

In the case of Sensenbrenner, he actually DOES what he says. Strike one, Prof. As to 'providing hope,' that line has been taken.

Perhaps you need some assigned homework. Start with Burke, then read Kirk. Come back after you've learned something.

There WILL be a test.

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