Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth, Tax-Slaves of MPS!!

All that "Independence Day" stuff--you know, about the King's taxes--pales in comparison to the MPS' next little bomb, bursting in air.

In fact, the real fireworks are probably still to come.

Even though the tentative Milwaukee Public Schools budget for next year calls for a 1.5% spending increase, it would require a 14.9% increase in the property tax levy for the district

Since the MPS prop-tax is about 60% of your total proptax bill, that means you'll be kicking in an additional--oh---about---9% in total proptax payments.

Of course, that announcement could be a negotiating ploy. That is, when the Board comes in with "only" a 10% increase (a 6% effective hike) the tax-slaves will be happy.


We note that the announcement was timed to run in the Fourth of July edition of the newspaper.


capper said...

Are we tax slaves to MPS, or just indentured servants to We Energies? They did get their third rate increase this year alone.

Dan said...

Maybe both?

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the Conservative party is decimating itself by criticizing education spending while they award no bid 10 year contracts to Halliburton for 150 billion, don't you? What happened to the Republican Party, it has truly evolved into a party of complete imbeciles?