Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gun Suicides

The bleater/bedwetter crowd is making a big deal of "gun suicides," citing stats which show that 50%+ of suicides are committed using a gun.

Ho Hum.

To put that 50%+ into perspective, consider the following:

...data from the 1994 telephone survey (National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms—NSPOF) indicate that just 35 percent (plus or minus 1.3 percent) of households own guns

(It may be as high as 43%.)

Hmmmm. No wonder guns are used so often. A helluvalotta people have them. (There are about 100 million privately-owned firearms in the US.)

Banning guns (or tightly restricting them) is not the same as banning suicide.

In fact, there's a ban on murder which hasn't worked out all that well, either.


Lois said...

On another point - do you know anything about tasers in Wisconsin? Is it possible for a private citizen to protect themselves using one?

Dad29 said...

My understanding is that you may NOT USE a Taser (as a civilian) in Wisconsin.

Check into pepper spray. It's not legal if in your purse (concealed weapon) but no cop on Earth will push that envelope.

Lois said...

Thank you!

Grim said...

Suicide is also illegal in many states. If you're successful, however, there's no danger of prosecution, so...