Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Corn-A-Hole Lies

You've noticed advertisements on the Wonders of Getting Corn-A-Holed lately. Among other things, those ads forget to mention this fact:

We are currently destroying 25% of all the corn in America in order to make just enough expensive low-quality motor fuel to replace 0.6% of global oil.

The ads also yap that you are Corn-A-Holed with 'industrial-grade' corn--typically used only for feeding cattle and pigs. So: not to worry!! Unless you're a cow or a pig, you're not missing a thing!!

They do NOT mention that corn grows on "acreage." And when "acreage" is used to Corn-A-Hole you, it is NOT used to grow corn which you (and a billion or so OTHER humans) can eat.

By the way, John McCain opposes Corn-A-Holing you and the rest of the world.

Obama? The O-and-Savior thinks Corn-A-Holing his countrymen is just fine, thanks. But we knew that already.

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