Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Can Obama Be Sanitized by Making Him a Politician?

This from the Southern Democrat, Grim:

...if I may say so, Obama's total reversal on several core campaign pledges has left us with little else to talk about. His policy positions as stated are obviously nonbinding; so why discuss them in detail? At least when McCain says that comprehensive immigration reform will be his top priority, I know he means it, whether I agree with him or not. Who knows what Obama really means about anything? Who knows, for that matter, if he even knows himself?

Personally, I think that the best predictor is Obama's early record and associations.

On those counts, his over-the-top support of partial-birth abortion, his utter rejection of the 2nd Amendment's plain meaning, and his association with Radical Lefties such as Bill Ayers simply have to be considered.

Some are attempting to sanitize The O by discounting his voting record under "It's politics." But that weakens The O, I think--because being a Grade-A-Daley-Machine-politician (and he is one) does not play well with most people. Political wonks, perhaps, but not the common man.

The reason? Simple: the perception (and reality) that politicians are bought-and-sold regularly, easily, and willingly. On that score, it's clear that McCain is The O's opposite (although I am not a raving fan of McCain.)

Grim's essay (and the combox) should be read closely; there is nuance and very precise language.

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