Wednesday, January 09, 2008

She Used a .22LR??

Granny Deadeye.

She may be 80 years old, but Martha Smith of rural Fairburn is still a good shot.

She has lived her entire life on the family ranch in the Black Hills and last week encountered her first mountain lion.

Smith says she heard her dog bark, looked outside and saw the big cat in the garden. She was afraid for the dog's safety so she grabbed her .22-caliber rifle, went outside, took a shot but missed so she called 911.

Smith says she grabbed the gun again, went back out and found the cat, "a spittin' and a growlin’”, so she waited to spot the light-colored hair where his heart was, took another shot and dropped it.

Game officers picked up the 90-pound carcass. Smith would like to get it mounted but doubts that she'll get it back.

Personally, I'd prefer a .223 or .270 (but I'd use what I have--a .30-06) for that size game.

On the other hand, it proves the "shot placement" mantra.

HT: John Lott

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