Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yoo Hoo!! Abp. Dolan!! (Part 4)

Kevin Fischer notes that SOME Wisconsin Bishops (2 of 9) have deciphered the foofoodust surrounding the "rape protection" bill and object, strenuously, to its Stalinesque provisions.

Sadly, Bp. Morlino and Bp. Listecki are not (yet) joined by Abp. Timothy Dolan, nor his Auxiliaries, Bp. Callahan and Bp. Sklba.

The Auxiliaries of Green Bay and Madison are also MIA, as is Bp. Fliss.

YOO-HOO!! Abp. Dolan!!!!

Kevin also advises that two fanatic pro-abort Leggies (Senator Mark Miller and Representative Terese Berceau) are trying, desperately, to revise WI. Statute 940 to allow abortion-on-demand in Wisconsin (they expect SCOTUS to reverse Roe).

Wisconsin Right To Life opposes their action, of course.

Nothing (yet) from the Wisconsin Catholic Conference.

YOO-HOO!!! Abp. Dolan!!!


Anonymous said...

Thought you should know - Fliss is no longer Bishop in Superior. His successor has been appointed and installed as of September 07. Peter Christensen.

Dad29 said...

Fliss remains a Bishop and is part of the WCC. He has not spoken.

Neither has his successor--thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that one of the main Catholic haters in the state Senate is also at it again. Along with her eco-vego-lesbo syster Terese "keep your rosaries off my ovaries' Berceau (D-Madistan), Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) is proposing SB 356, opening the door for more of what we've seen in the recent past: Lying maniacal snot nosed money grubbing kids suing the Church WITH NO STATUTUE OF LIMITATIONS claiming "child abuse".

I could just gag at the thought of these little liars lying about our priests and nuns. These little bastards will burn in hell, God willing.

Disobeying their elders is a sport propagated by the pro-abort fanatical liberals, and disobeying is exactly what these little agents of Satan do when they disobey a priest when told otherwise to STFU!

There is a purpose for what our Church leaders tell us!

God Bless Pope Benedict XVI!

Rick Esenberg said...

Sock puppet?