Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Compassion" Is NOT the Objective of AB377

P-Mac, a guy who actually knows how to write, makes a very solid case that AB377 is most assuredly NOT "all about compassion."

It's about force--that is, forcing doctors and nurses to violate their conscience OR forcing them out of emergency medicine.

...this means that when hiring emergency room staff, hospitals will inevitably shun doctors and nurses who conscientiously object to Plan B.

That will occur because the Bill WILL force all hospitals in the State to become "rape centers," whether they like it or not.

Not because there are no such places:

A group promoting it lists 84 places across the state, plus a 24-hour hotline and a Web site that will ship overnight (you have 72 hours to take the drug). There's nothing stopping anyone else from opening still more rape centers or dispensaries or from putting up billboards advertising just where to get the drug...

...rape victims are now being taken to rape centers, which are usually hospital ERs prepared to handle them. Such places hand out Plan B...

It's because of simple economics that hospitals don't want to be "rape centers." In effect, those who screech most loudly about "the cost of healthcare" are going to force hospitals to RAISE the cost of healthcare.

...Many hospitals aren't willing to be rape centers, say medical and hospital sources I talked to, in part because that requires specialized training (pdf) for nurses and doctors. It doesn't make sense in emergency rooms that rarely see sexual assault victims

Simply put,

T[he backers of this bill] cannot tolerate dissent from the idea that abortion is normal, even compassionate. The bill -- remember, according to doctors who run emergency rooms, there's no actual patient-care need for it -- is all about establishing in law a form of abortion....

"Establishing in law"--that is, by pure force--abortion as "compassion."

It was Nietzsche who defined this as "the transvaluation of all values."

Welcome, Friedrich, to the Legislature.

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