Tuesday, July 03, 2007

WSJ Eggheads Slam Talk Radio

Ironic that some of the talkers read WSJ editorials as though they were written on Mt. Olympus.

Here's an excerpt of the WSJ editorial bunch's "News of the Week":

Riley: Talk radio is basically a populist medium, and so all the good and bad that come with populism come with talk radio, and you're kind of stuck with it.

Gigot: And what does that mean, populism, when you say that?

Riley: It means you have people who are kind of appealing sometimes to lowest common feelings that people have about particular issues, like immigration. I mean, they will appeal to some pretty base sentiments, I would say, on immigration and a host of other issues.

Gigot: Trade, for example--some of them tend to be more protectionist.

Riley: Right. But on the other hand, we like having popular involvement in the government and in our country, and so sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

Gigot: And they do play an educational role. So the more the merrier.

The "lower common feelings"? "Base sentiments"?

Next we'll hear remarks about poor dental care and trailer-housing.

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