Saturday, July 28, 2007

They Have Time and Money for This

It was really a meeting of friends, for the most part.

A group of 29 organizations came together today to call for a state budget they said would represent Wisconsin's values, in particular those regarding health care, education and human services.

The group packed the Senate parlor to call for a "state budget that is firmly rooted in the values that have made Wisconsin great" Among those values, the group pointed to good schools, services for vulnerable populations, quality health care and child care, and affordable higher education.

So Wisconsin must be Nirvana, already, eh?

Some groups that are part of the coalition include the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families, AARP Wisconsin, [CubaCare proponents] Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, [Merchants of Death to the Unborn] the American Federation of Teachers, [Rent-Seekers] the Wisconsin Coalition against Domestic Violence, Wisconsin Education Association Council [Even MORE Rent-Seekers] and the Wisconsin Counties Association, [proudly using your tax dollars to suck even MORE of your tax dollars away from you and your children.]

The 'coalition' forgot to mention a DarthDoyle value which is far more significant:

Taking the State into Bankruptcy By Bonding, Borrowing, and Bunko-Budgeting.

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