Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Prince of Darkness on Presidents, and Other Things

Bob Novak's book looks more and more like it's a necessity rather than a luxury.

While these thoughts are abbreviations, delivered at a 'newsmaker breakfast,' they are also covered in his book--in much greater detail.

On presidents he has covered, he was mostly scathing, except for Reagan. Nixon "was a bad man and a poor president." Carter "was a liar." Ford "never understood the Cold War." Clinton "posed as a centrist...but he was a reflexibe liberal. A big-government liberal." Ike was "stodgy and fuddy-duddy." Three recessions in his eight years occurred largely because Ike refused to cut taxes.

Pithy. All true.

Another couple of neat lines:

"The founding fathers tried to devise a government that didn't work very well, and they damn well succeeded. [Which is a good thing because] governmental power is still the thing I worry about most."

"I think the American people are better than their leaders."

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Al said...

I saw his interview on The World Over Fri nite. Raymond Arroyo asked him the same question about the presidents. He went into a little more detail

I am looking forward to getting the book as it promises to be a real pleaser.