Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On Hitchens' "God Is Not Great"

From a review by Eugene McCarraher, who identifies Hitchens' work as atheistic (surprise!!):

Today’s atheism pays extravagant homage to idols dear to the professional and managerial ranks. Science as truth; the technological mastery of nature; credentialed expertise as the only credible form of learning; efficiency and profit as the sole ends of economic and political life: these shibboleths comprise the mental universe of the Western middle classes. Colored by an incoherent blend of Darwinism and environmentalism, a bland infatuation with science and technology is the bourgeois halo around instrumental reason, and nothing in the new secularism of Dawkins, Harris et al. serves to exorcise that enchantment.

The kind of review that makes a LOT of people uncomfortable.

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