Thursday, November 02, 2006

NOT News: Marquette U's Dissenting Again

Sometimes you wonder why a certain local philanthropist keeps giving these people big bucks...

Rana H. Altenburg is Marquette's Vice President for Public Affairs, which means she handles both lobbying and public relations for the University.

She is apparently an opponent of the Marriage Protection Amendment, since she sent out, in the following e-mail, an essay by a liberal faculty member urging a "no" vote on the Amendment.

The Catholic Bishops of Wisconsin have urged support for the Amendment.But the position of the Church doesn't carry much weight among liberal Marquette administrators.

The essay was Fr. Massingale's--already fisked in lots of blogs.

HT: The Warrior


Geoff_Livingston said...

PR people should not use their job as a platform for promoting persoanl political beliefs. Everyone here in DC knows that.

Anonymous said...

Ted Haggart is against a gay marriage resolution too, but apparently not against snorting meth and engaging in sex with a male prostitute. He looks pretty ridiculous now. I'm not sure your point in most of those posts so I will make this my last response.