Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guns?? In Schools?? NEVER!!

Since the JSOnline News site is down (and has been for 20+ minutes) I'll rely on Jessica's excerpting.

Some members [of the Milwaukee School Board] have expressed concern about having people in schools carrying weapons, even if they are police officers, and more recently, members have complained about paying police to station squad cars outside some schools in the afternoon.

This in discussing the possibility of hiring additional cops strictly to patrol in Milwaukee Public Schools.

My question: what are the thoughts of the Madison HS teacher whose c*&^% was grabbed?


Anonymous said...

Her thoughts probably are, thank heavens I didn't have a gun that could be grabbed -- and turned on me.

Dad29 said...

Yah, right. THAT'S it.

When you pull that gun, you fire, if the SOB is on top of you.

They lose interest in "wrestling it away" when they have a bleeding .357" diameter hole through their chest.

Amy said...

Yeah, anon. Right.

My thought would be...too bad it's illegal for me to shoot the SOB after the fact.

Oh, wait. In Wisconsin even legitimate self-defense is a criminal offense in some cases.

Guess I - like that teacher - would just have to "tolerate" being assaulted by a perverted thug because people like YOU don't think I have a right to defend myself.

Meanwhile, criminals will laugh at gun control laws that make it so much easier for them to rob, assault, rape and murder citizens.

Jay Bullock said...

She doesn't believe in guns in school.

Dad29 said...

Well, then, Jay, I hope that the MTEA has a 'combat-zone' premium-pay package arranged with MPS.

A friend of mine had a serious hangup about the CCW law. While I think that CCW should pass, I'm not likely to carry...but for the sake of the argument, I asked her 'if when we were downtown and she were being attacked and I was 10 yards away, whether she'd rather have me WITH or WITHOUT a gun.

She hated to admit her answer, and it took about 10 seconds of stammering...but my H&K became her friend.

Dad29 said...

At seven, he's about the right age to start.

If you're capable of training him, great! If you need some brush-ups, get the Boy Scouts of America's "Rifle-Shooting" badge booklet from a co-operative Scout leader. Read it thoroughly, as it's critical that he understands ALL THE SAFETY RULES before he touches a weapon. So will you!

Go to a large gun retailer. He will need a small rifle, made for young'uns. Ideally, you'll find a .22cal bolt-action or single-shot for him. Use the iron sights, not a scope. Something like this:

The Shadow pellet rifle is likely too large for him--it's really made for adults, meaning that it will fit him when he's 14-15 or so.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll make sure not to let him take it to school.