Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bloomberg and Urban--the Mouth and the Cipher

Seems that Kate Bloomberg and her house-pet Frank Urban think Tom Reynolds is "an embarrassment" to the Republican Party.

After Kate Bloomberg became the Queen of Brookfield, she organized the resistance to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District, which was Henry Maier's personal tool for punishing the suburbs. That was a good thing, although it didn't get very far--MMSD still exists, still takes and spends money without accountability to taxpayers, and by the way, still hasn't delivered on its promises about eliminating sewage-dumps into Lake Michigan.

We'll revisit a part of the above shortly.

Having been stifled by the Milwaukee Machine and its allies in Madistan, Bloomberg turned to her real area of expertise--interior decorating. She decided that gas stations were loca non grata in Brookfield and eliminated as many of them as possible. She adored the Oak Brook (IL) streetscapes, and rammed through an ordinance requiring businesses to spend $Gazillions to purchase signage which fit her concept of beauty. She really went ooooooh! when seeing the Mitchell Street "bump-outs" and replicated them on a road in Brookfield, (ignoring the utterly dismal results for traffic when it snows--which it does in these latitutes.) She attempted to enact a ban of leaf-burning and was slapped silly by actual Brookfield natives who have mature trees in their yards--as opposed to "hope-sticks" which decorate her current yard. Her planning Gestapo required all sorts of stupid-landscaping-tricks for shopping centers, creating even more snow-removal problems. (You'd think that she would understand about snow--she being from the Upper Peninsula, and all.)

Finally, she rammed through an Arts Center for Brookfield, which became a tragi-comedy. After an anonymous donor had offered to donate a very valuable collection of art, she managed to: 1) build an arts center in a swamp; 2) offend the anonymous donor, whose collection will NOT be in the center; 3) violate the terms of a State grant in building the center; and 4) under-size the main performance hall.

In the meantime, her house-husband (Hank Urban--remember him?) occupied space at the State Capitol.

Bloomberg's imperious, loud-mouthed Statism was rejected when her hand-picked successor was defeated by a Brookfield police officer, and she finally exited, stage Left.

Yes, the Republican Party has "embarrassments." And when you look it up in the dictionary, you'll see Kate and Hank's pictures.

Oh, yes, the "take-and-spend-without-accountability" issue--

Just like MMSD, Wisconsin's Legislators (aided by Lee "The Walrus" Dreyfus) managed to take and spend money without accountability--they invented the Perpetual-Increasing-Gas-Tax. After 20+ years of this taxpayer abuse, Tom Reynolds decided that it had to stop.

And Reynolds got it through. Where Kate failed in her effort to stop Taxation Without Representation in the MMSD, Reynolds succeeded.

Kate's pals in the road-building business (can you spell Payne & Dolan?) don't like Tom Reynolds, so they found Kate-the-Queen and Hank-the-Cipher to endorse another Statist, Jim Sullivan.

It's called the Party of Government, folks, and its parade-leaders are on display.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather was Frank (Hank) Henry Urban and my grandmother Kate Bloomberg. They are the most inspiring people I know, made a difference in everyone's life for the better. I love them.