Friday, June 09, 2017

Trump vs. All of Washington

Until proven otherwise, we'll go along with this theory:

Impeachment is merely a tactic aimed at one man. The broader strategic aim is to stymie and sabotage THE AGENDA. PDT will not be impeached, but if he can be smeared as illegitimate, then everything he wants to do will be made out to be against the will of the people because he "stole" the presidency. 

And since the GOP-e is in league with the Dems and the Deep State bureaucracy, this is why everything is being slow-walked and stonewalled. 

No one thought he would win. Now that he has, they are scrambling like mad to make every excuse imaginable why the Repeal can't go forward, or Tax Reform or The Wall or you-name-it. The Dems claim fraud/collusion, the GOP-e claims process/rules bullshit, the Deep State Leviathan leaks and sabotages. And the press reports PDT as an insane failure. ...JJS at AOSHQ

Just yesterday, over lunch, a friend accused me of being in the tank for Trump.  That's not true, as the Cruz campaign will be happy to attest (and they're looking for more as we type this!)  But it IS true that Trump has followed the agenda I had set out for him--so far--with only minor objectionable matters.

They don't like his style and Comey--the little girl--cried Big Tears that Trump said mean things about him.  Suck it up, buttercups.  Trump is there for a reason:  to shake your little Club until it falls down.  Maybe Cruz would have phrased it differently, and it's possible that he would have folded.  But at this time, Trump is doing what he was elected to do.

Get the Hell out of the way.

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