Thursday, June 29, 2017

Egg McMuffin Needs Support, Charlie Sykes!

(We note that Charlie has left the building.)

It should be said that Charlie was a consistent NeverTrumper--so consistent that he voted for a Deep State nobody named Evan McMullin.  There were others who did what Charlie did.

McMullin--the Deep State guy--has gone to Cocoa Puffs-land:  Tuesday night, after Trump tweeted something about Obozo not having thwarted the Russians in their effort to upend US elections, McMullin tweeted a reply:

Says America's first Russian president...

Umnnhhhh.....yah.  OK, then.

1 comment:

steveegg said...

I lost track of how many exhibits there are justifying my blank Presidential ballot. This adds one to that count.