Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Hey, Raul! Up Yours!!" --Love, Donald

There are probably some NeverTrumpers out there who got the vapors and hit the fainting-couch when The Donald invited Castro to take a long walk off a short pier.  That's to be expected of the Effete Elite.

But actual Americans are cheering.  Trump intends to cure the cancer of the Caribbean, which is a very good thing.  After all, this cancer has metastasized to Nicaragua, Argentina, and Venezuela, and is undoubtedly behind the importation of a sizeable amount of drugs and/or terrorists to the US.

And that regime has killed or imprisoned tens of thousands of its own citizens for such crimes as "being Catholic."  In that particular regard, Bernie Sanders draws inspiration from the Castro Boyzzz, as did the other demi-Communist, Obozo.  (You're a damn fool if you think that's just co-incidence.)

Maybe this push from The Donald will topple that regime.  Maybe not.  But the message is clear.  Let's hope that the Effete Elite didn't hurt themselves hitting their little couches.

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