Monday, January 02, 2012

Senator Ron Johnson, Statist?

Sen. Johnson has done a number of good things in the Land of Elites.

But he's done at least one really, really, bad thing:  he voted for the NDAA.

Now Our President can define 'terrorist' any way he wants, and send the military to detain US citizens, indefinitely, without trial.

Strikes me as a horrible mistake.  Since only 13 US Senators voted against this perversion of the Constitution, Johnson could have jointed the loyal dissent.

But he didn't.

The actual heroes:

Nay ID Crapo, Michael [R]
Nay ID Risch, James [R]
Nay IL Durbin, Richard [D]
Nay IA Harkin, Thomas [D]
Nay KY Paul, Rand [R]
Nay MD Cardin, Benjamin [D]
Nay MN Franken, Al [D]
Nay OK Coburn, Thomas [R]
Nay OR Merkley, Jeff [D]
Nay OR Wyden, Ron [D]
Nay SC DeMint, Jim [R]
Nay UT Lee, Mike [R]
Nay VT Sanders, Bernard [I]

Here we go again:  BUY MORE AMMO!!!!


Anonymous said...

For myself I will be as anonymous as "Dad". -----

But I agree 100%. It is possible that Senator Johnson is seeking a second attempt to be part of the inner circle of Senate Republicans. And I agree this was a miscalculation. Possibly he is surrounded by too many experienced operatives all checking the wind currents rather than what is right.

Jim said...

Bush had basically the same powers. Did you squawk then? Just asking.

BTW, I'm not crazy about those provisions either, just as I wasn't in the previous administration.

It could be that the administration removed the exclusionary language so that it would make the act unconstitutional and help justify the signing statement.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Nutz, I really hate agreeing with Al Franken and Bernie Sanders.