Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Santorum's Right, You Know.

Santorum, following up on the comments of Crassius Colmes:

In a dramatic moment on Monday, Rick Santorum fought back tears and his wife Karen grew misty-eyed when a voter asked them about criticism of their 1996 decision to bring home a newborn who died soon after childbirth.

Santorum choked up as he described the family's decision to bring home their child Gabriel after the newborn died in the hospital. Noting that his wife worked as a neo-natal nurse, Santorum said: "It was so important ... for the family to recognize the life of that child and for the children to know they had a brother."

Colmes has already apologized to Santorum for his remarks.

Just to get the time-line straight:  the baby, Gabriel, died at 3:00 AM; Santorum and his wife brought Gabriel home the same morning, and had a privately-celebrated funeral Mass at their home that afternoon.  Gabriel was buried the next day.

'Nuff said.


Billiam said...

This is instructive in that we, all of us, should think before speaking. At least a little. Maybe we can catch the hateful little bastard that resides in all of us before he speaks. Pray for Colmes.

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Why is it creepy, Anony? Parents mourning the death of a child is "creepy" now?

Robert said...

The only thing creepy is someone who makes asinine comments under the veil of anonymity.