Monday, January 02, 2012

Sad Stories of Petitioners

Here we have the story of Al Jozwik, who doesn't know much--except how to spell "Recall".

Jozwik, who is a human services instructor at the Waukesha County Technical College, said that Walker's overreach with Act 10 really angered people and that is bringing out the signatures. 

"I truly believe he overstepped his position by negating the bargaining rights of public employees," Jozwik said.

Dear Al:  the State giveth, and the State taketh away.  They taketh away a lot from taxpayers.....

He said since Act 10 went into effect, WCTC employees have not been under contracts, but work rules instituted by administrators. And that has left many with a cloud of uncertainty. 

"Now we have no idea what our retirement benefits will be, and it is really scary if you're getting close to that point," he said.

Really?  You mean, Al, that your Union Leaders can't tell you that?  Didn't they tell you that the State health-plan is one of the richest plans in the country?  Didn't they tell you that your pension CANNOT be taken away? 

Maybe you missed that part.


neomom said...

Idiots. They swallow the union propaganda whole. My niece last year was absolutely panicked because she believed the union bs that when her contract expired, she would lose her insurance coverage. No sweetheart, you will just need to pay for it.... And not much at that...

neomom said...

Btw - what the hell is a human services instructor?