Friday, January 06, 2012

Romney, the Tax-a-Holic

It's well-known that Massachusetts is a tax Hell.

Part of the reason:  Mitt Romney.

Romney increased taxes by $309 million, mainly on corporations. These tax hikes, described by Romney apologists as “loophole closures,” totaled $128 million in 2003, $95.5 in 2004, and $85 million in 2005. That final year, Romney proposed $170 million in higher business taxes, the Boston Globe reports. However, the Bay State’s liberal, Democratic legislature balked and only approved an $85 million increase.

Don't like higher taxes?  No problem!!  He raised fees, too.

In 2003 alone, Romney concocted or boosted 88  fees. Romney charged more for marriage licenses (from $6 to $12), gun registrations (from $25 to $75), a used-car sales tax ($10 million), gasoline deliveries ($60 million), real-estate transfers ($175 million), and more. Particularly obnoxious was Romney’s $10 fee per Certificate of Blindness. Romney also billed blind people $15 each for discount-travel ID cards.

Doyle with better hair.


J. Strupp said...

And yet you're going to have to vote for this guy, come November. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dad's well accustomed to eating crow, Strupp. It goes down easy for him these days.

Deekaman said...

Though I gag at the thought of voting for Romney, he is still a gigantic improvement on the #Occupier of The White House who is systematically destroying your lives. And the funny part of it is that you Leftists are too f-ing stupid to see it.

At least we on the Right recognize the collusion of the GOP in our demise. You idiots don't have a clue that the #Occupier is captaining the f-ing Titanic.

And you are supposed to be "The Smart People". At least I will have the satisfaction of watching you freeze in the dark with the rest of us.

J. Strupp said...

It was kind of a light hearted comment Deek. Take it easy there guy.

Anonymous said...

Deekaman, king of the Sky is Falling crowd.

Saint Revolution said...

The next time someone tries to argue that millions of people cannot be wrong in an attempt to justify listening to FallOut Boy (an HORRIBLE teenage rock group), reading US Weekly, or defending the UN, remind them that there are almost fourteen million blissfully ignorant automaton Mormons following the fraudulent pervert known as Joseph Smith...including Romney.

That's who I want for President...a man who follows and puts faith in a polygamist and bigamist pervert with over 30 known wives made up of teenage girls and other mens' spouses.

Baaaa, baaaa, sheeeple.

Anonymous said...

According to our resident rocket scientist known as St. Revolution, 14 million people are "blissfully ignorant" simply because they profess a particular faith whose foundation is rooted in perversion.

Exactly the type of person who himself is completely and utterly deluded into believing his opinion is fact.

neomom said...

There are far bigger reasons to not want Romney for president than his being Mormon. Mainly that he is a liberal, big-government, big spending guy. No "conservative" takes MA to the left.

Saint Revolution said...

There are two things wrong with America and Americans that have been wrong for a very long time.

First, the wanton and brazen act by Americans of not MORALLY electing the right officials in all elections.

IOW, the complete purposeful ignoring of electing, first, ONLY God-fearing persons.

Demons like OTrauma who peddle abortion, gay rights, stem cell abominations, and other filth straight out of hell are proof the American people are NOT voting morally.

Americans have, when they have voted, set aside their allegiance to God Himself and have thusly also set aside their reponsibility to their fellow Americans...and, more importantly, their fellow human beings...especially the weakest and most vulnerable and fragile...the unborn, the aged, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped, etc.

With all due respect to neomom, you are wrong. It should be the very FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT consideration of a devout faithful individual who votes to vote morally.

The other concerns to follow.

That is the first thing wrong with America.

The second?

AnonyWous...and all his ill ilk.

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