Friday, January 06, 2012

It's The Holy Narrative, Written by Idiots

Ace seems to think that the MSM is a bunch of idiots.

Actually, they are idiots-with-narrative.

As Walker is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL no matter what he does, even if the sky does NOT fall, so being sarcastic about the Obamas is RRRRAAAAAAAACIST.

Even if the sky DOES fall.


Actually, it's one of the funnier sendups I've seen.


Deekaman said...

I think it's awesome. Anyone who sees racism in it isn't paying attention. No First Lady in my lifetime...even Hilary....ever vacationed or for that matter, acted with the pure arrogance and disregard for "The Little People" that Michelle does.

neomom said...

I'm sick of simply not being able to speak out against the actions and policies of the President without being called a racist. As if there couldn't possibly be any reason I wouldn't like them except for being black.

He has done more to set back race relations in the country than the bogeymen they pretend are behind every criticism could ever do.

GOR said...

Yes that unbiased Mainstream Media again. Of course we have the same here in local neighborhood.

Milw JS headline this morning:

“Walker Appointees charged…”

Not biased at all. It’s as if the following headline appeared in the 'Jerusalem Post' circa 33 A.D.:

“Jesus Appointee Charged with Misappropriation of Funds”

Jerusalem, 15 Nisan, 33. “Judas Iscariot handpicked Keeper of the Purse by Jesus the Christ was found yesterday to have had his hand in the purse…”

Jim said...

He has done more to set back race relations in the country

Really? In what way?

Al said...

Martin Luther King has got to be turning over in his grave at how the Obamanistas are using the accusition of racism to silence valid criticism. I thought the goal was to jusge people on the basis of their character. & Michelle Obama's character is the "Let them eat cake" attitude oft presented about Marie Antoinette. In Marie's case however, it may very well be a stereotype.

Saint Revolution said...

OTrauma is a horrible morally bankrupt sociopathic delusional black man.

Michelle is a fat black hypocrite.

Racist and silence that.

Political correctness is just fear in another form.

Don't buy it.

No fear.


neomom said...

Al answered for me. Obama and his sycophants have shut down the conversation entirely. Now every word uttered not in complete agreement with Obama is racist.

Its BS.

Jim said...

Now every word uttered not in complete agreement with Obama is racist.

Yeah, right.

neomom said...

Here is just one... there are more than one can count. Professor Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection has made a Saturday series about the race card game...

Jim said...

I don't think one or a few prove the assertion.

Here's a tip. Never use the word "every" when trying to make such a point.

Al said...

The whole aim of the Obamanistas is to silence every criticism of Obama as racist.
1 of the biggest examples is in the way the same people cheered certain portrayals of Bush criticized the same portrayals of Obama.
For example:
The author of the article this came from asks why the Obama one was racist but the one with GW Bush & Condoleezza Rice wasn't. (Note: this flips back & forth between the 2)
& that is just one of many examples that I & others could point out.

neomom said...

Jim - sanctimonious much? Of course you won't accept egregious examples, it doesn't fit your view of Obama the Uniter that would heal the world. His failure couldn't possibly be any of his own doing, it must be somebody else's fault.

Jim said...


Hi, pot.

His failure

What failure?

neomom said...

Um, you know of healing the planet, making the oceans recede, fixing the economy, filling up gas tanks and paying mortgages, making the Muslims like us, and getting the US citizens all to sing kumbayah together.

Those failures. For starters. Hence the acronym SCOAMF.

Saint Revolution said...

I'm gonna write an IPSec policy based firewall rule for an "idiot" filter and plop it on this blog.

First name on the "deny" list?


Dad29 said...


We need Jim to remind us of how the other folks think.