Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dear Kathy Stepp.......

Information is often useful.

...It turns out that the reason there are so many law enforcement officers in parks has nothing to do with demand — with very few exceptions, the parks we operate all require fractions of an FTE of law enforcement.  Maybe 20 hours a year per park.  But there are huge incentives for state workers to get a law enforcement license.  Beyond the psychic advantages of having a gun and badge, they typically qualify for a much richer law enforcement pension plan.   Park supervisors don’t care — the extra benefits don’t come out of their budgets.

That from a guy who runs a private contracting firm which runs State (and other) parks all over the country.

We've often visited Kohler/Andrae for family and Scouting events.  I can't recall any incidents where armed LEO/DNR folks have been "necessary."  That comports with what this guy has to say.  Yes, some.

But not so many.

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